5 essential items to improve safety in your commercial kitchen


Commercial kitchens are found all over the country, in cafes and restaurants, vans and containers and also in private homes in cottage industries. But wherever they are, they all have one thing in common – the need for high levels of safety awareness. So whatever the size of your operation, these are the five essential safety items you need.

1: Fire extinguishers

Every business premises should have at least one fire extinguisher, but this really is the minimum. One per room is preferable and in commercial kitchens, this is a must because several different types of fire extinguishers are recommended. Normal combustible materials, energised electrical equipment and vegetable and animal fat or oil fires all need to be tackled differently.

2: Hand protection

Cut-resistant kitchen gloves are a must in any commercial kitchen and one of the most important safety supplies. Made of chainmail or materials combined with Spectra, a product used in bulletproof vests, these gloves protect against all slips and cuts.

3: Anti-fatigue mats

Severe back pain is one of the most reported kitchen ailments. Standing all night, and taking small jerky steps around a small space plays havoc on the body, but these mats can offset some of the impact. According to the catering equipment experts at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/, these mats are a good investment that can really help with fatigue issues.

4: Knife sharpeners

Knives are an important tool in the kitchen and any kitchen using commercial refrigeration will also use knives. However, many kitchens fail to keep their knives sharp to a correct standard and this can lead to accidents. Unsharpened knives need more pressure to cut and this means accidents. Keeping good knife sharpeners around ensures this never becomes an issue in your kitchen.

5: Knife blocks

Likewise, knife blocks are an important part of knife safety. Magnetic strips or drawers may seem like a good alternative, but both present safety hazards. Opening drawers runs the risk of catching passers-by, and reaching in and grabbing the wrong part of the knife is also an issue. Magnetic strips pose the same problem of users grabbing the blade.

These are only the top five, small safety items. In a well-functioning kitchen, there are many more safety items being used.


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