About the anabol and Gynecomastia


The anabol steroid is also called as the Dbol or Dianabol is a c17 AAS steroid where this steroid gives you the equal effects to the testosterone that are founded in our body. This anabol steroid has been dubbed as a steroid for men use although the female athletes and bodybuilders can also use 5mg anabol tablets for having the muscular mass for longer period of time without developing the masculine characteristics in the body. The anabolic steroid promotes the muscle growth that also contains the androgenic substances with it for producing the typical male sexual characteristics. They also exhibits the virilizing properties with includes the preservation of the masculine distinctiveness and development.

The gynecomastia is the feminization side effects which is the unusual enlargement of one or sometimes both of the man’s breasts where this usually results in the hormonal imbalance that is brought due to the use of the anabol steroids. The gynecomastis is the one of the least side effects of the Anadrol steroids if you find this side effect in the early stage itself means then you can just prevent it by counterbalancing the hormones with the use of the anti-estrogens. These anabol side effects are generally brought by the use of the steroids with the androgenic characteristics that are in high doses for a long period of time. Everyone are somehow different where some people may experience the mild side effects and others may experience the severe side effects but the most important thing is that you have to remember that these side effects are irreversible one.

Anabol and its psychological side effects

  • The anabol side effects can be of both internal and external where some of the side effects are mild like the headaches and others may be more severe but the most notable side effect of the Anabol tablets are that occurs on the skin.
  • Acne can also be problems, when the person already has this issue then it become worse while the individual who does not have acne then there is a possibility to suddenly develop.
  • When male use androgenic/ anabolic steroids such as Dianabol or Anabol for a longer period and at the high doses the user will look like extremely aggressive behavior this activities is known as roid rage.
  • This type of the behavior roid rage can result in men losing control over their behavior and become destructive and violent where these men often lose their friends, jobs and families.
  • The side effect of the Anabol steroid is that it makes the pores to become larger in size and this makes the skin to become rough and leathery. This process normally results in the process of virilization and this result is irreversible one which you can cure by using the antiestrogen steroids.

The best defence is to try to prevent the potential damaging behavior so before starting to use the Anabol steroid known its effects and discuss with your physician and then start using it.