Charity Works: The Promotion Of Charity


In today’s society, there are colossal disparities between the rich and the poor. The less privileged in society are many. Such people live in a world of suffering, in degrading conditions. There is nothing as great a gift than devoting a bit of your time or giving food, clothes or money to a needy person. Such works of charity are an illustration of one’s love for all humankind and the desire to change the world. This is the desire of philanthropic people such as Alex von Furstenberg– to make a difference and bring change to society.

Prince Alex was born and raised in the City of New York. After his graduation at Brown University, he worked for several companies and then founded the Ranger Global Advisors, a business consulting and investment advisory firm. He also serves as a director in several other companies. It is the desire to change the world that saw Alex venture into starting and running a charity foundation through the family owned Diller-von Furstenberg Foundation. The satisfaction of seeing a suffering person happy is what necessitated the need to start this Charity Foundation. The foundation rapidly grew and has undoubtedly made a lot of positive impact on the lives of thousands of people.

The company through donations has been able to fund various not-for profit organizations in furtherance of lifting the standards of living of poor individuals. The foundation through donations has helped initiate and support different projects in the health and education sectors as well as community service and building. The foundation also gives food and other basic necessities such as clothing to the less privileged in society. Through donations to other charitable organizations, the lives of poor people have been elevated. Such works of charity has earned Prince Alex the title ‘the charity promoter.’

Alex von Furstenberg has played a great role in narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. He understands that the less privileged in society are not lesser humans but rather are valuable individuals who deserve an equal opportunity in life as all other persons. Helping the poor and suffering in society helps in the creation of a better world where everyone has an equal chance in life. Alex’ foundation is one of the most generous organizations in the world today and presents a good example for everybody to emulate. Helping the needy through charity works is beneficial to all humanity and for the betterment of the world.