What is The Most Dangerous Country in the World?


Talking about the most dangerous countries in the world is the same as talking about international politics and the history of humanity. This is not a fixed classification, but each year it varies depending on the wars and conflicts that arise and die around the world.

The Global Peace Index is the indicator that measures the insecurity, inequalities and dangers of countries around the world and, by means of which, we can classify the most dangerous countries in the world. As you can see below, these countries are mostly in the Middle East and in sub-Saharan Africa. Although the number of global homicides has decreased, the victims of armed conflicts and terrorism have increased. Do you want to know which the most dangerous country in the world is?


You just need to turn on the television or open a newspaper to understand the bleak reality that this Middle Eastern country is experiencing, something that in recent years has made Syria the most dangerous country in the world.

This danger is due to the war that began in 2011, when the protests against the government of Bashar al-Assad ended in a strong repression. But to understand the war in Syria we cannot stay with the protests and the repression. The reality is that it is a civil war that is fought on a large scale, in which many countries and cross-cultural interests participate, which has become an international conflict in which the fight against terrorism and economic and geostrategic interests is mixed. That, for the time being, it has already left close to 400,000 dead between civilians and soldiers, whether Syrians or foreigners, and millions of displaced people.

The war in Syria, which has turned this country into the most dangerous in the world, is not only a great humanitarian catastrophe, it is also the deadliest war of the 21st century.


In 2001 the armed conflicts of Afghanistan opened all the news, at that moment, the gaze of the whole world was placed in this territory of the Middle East. Just 15 years later it seems that almost nobody remembers the suffering of this population, despite the fact that today remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

The war , political instability , easy access to weapons and being a very important enclave for Islamic terrorism have made Afghanistan the second country in the world to export more refugees.

In addition, Afghanistan is also considered by international observatories as the most dangerous country for women. Not only are the conflict and the constant bombings, which endanger the life of the whole world, the political and religious practices, as well as the culture of rape, make Afghanistan an impossible place for women to lead a full life. In fact, it is not strange that those who want to lead a full life, assuming public roles as journalists are subject to intimidation, violence and even murder.

South Sudan

In 2013, two years after his independence, the vice president of South Sudan attempted a coup in the newly created country. This clash, which is ethnic rather than political, started a war that still continues today and that has left more than 50,000 dead and about 2 million displaced.

But it is not only the bullets that make South Sudan one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but that famine is also ravaging the population of this country. Such is the problem that almost 50% of the population can only eat if it is with humanitarian aid, help that does not come because it has been closed for more than 2 years. In fact, since the armed conflict began, close to a hundred aid workers have lost their lives in this country.

War, hunger and sexual violence, this African country lives the violations like a real plague. In Juba, the capital, is where one of the largest refugee camps is and, according to UN figures, more than 70% of the women living there have been raped.


Iraq has been located in the first places of this sad classification for years, in fact, in 2008 it was considered the most dangerous country in the world. All this, following the American invasion and subsequent war that began in 2003, since which, more than 850,000 people have died.

The war officially ended in 2011, however, Iraq remains one of the countries where the war has left most devastation. Although the war has ended, the conflicts that are still very present in the Iraqi society as well as the political and economic instability of the region have not ended.

To all this we must add the boom of the Islamic State, which has been expanding in the area leaving a trail of blood and gunpowder, causing large clashes in cities such as Tikrit or Mosul.


In Somalia there is a permanent war since 1991 and political instability goes back more than half a century. As in almost all conflicts, the main victims are children and women, who receive the fruits of unusual and incomprehensible violence.

The violence that is lived in this African country is extreme and uncontrolled, it is a chopped area in which each area is dominated with a strong hand by some guerrilla or warlord. In addition, as you have also seen in other countries on this list, the instability creates the perfect breeding ground for international terrorism to do its murky work and has made it one of the most dangerous countries in the world to travel.

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Article Source: Tape Daily