Double glazing – five steps to clearer windows


Double glazing requires far less maintenance effort than traditional windows and frames but it still benefits from regular upkeep. A little attention can keep your double glazing in tip-top condition. So follow these useful tips for clear windows and pristine frames.

1. Cleaning

Before you start, take off any jewellery that could scratch the window. If the windows are really filthy – and if you live in the middle of a city they may be – you can shift the grime with a simple soap and water solution. Use a soft cloth with any proprietary window cleaner. Don’t use a scourer as it may scratch the window. If the advice on jewellery has come too late, and you’ve already scratched the window, the best way to remove the scratches is with “jeweller’s rouge”. This comes with a stick and powder and is great for removing fine scratches.

2. How to clean uPVC frames

Don’t use an abrasive such as a scouring powder. Wash the frame down with soap and water to remove the buildup of grime. Apparently, baby wipes are effective – If you have a mark that won’t come out, use a branded cleaner that is sold as non-scratch. Don’t move or disturb the window seals, or your windows may leak.

3. A little oil will help

Hardware, such as closing mechanisms, will work best if lubricated a couple of times a year. Use a light oil for this, and be sure to wipe any drips off the uPVC frames.

4. Look after handles

If your windows have brass handles, they have probably been finished with a protective lacquer. Over time, this may peel. If you decide to replace the lacquer, protect the uPVC surfaces from any finishes or chemicals that you apply.

5. Avoid condensation

Double glazing doesn’t necessarily do away with condensation issues in the home. Cooking, breathing, running hot baths and showers – all of these activities produce condensation. With affordable and elegant double glazing in Cheltenham, you can enjoy both fresh air and a warm house. So it’s good practice to ventilate your living space by opening a window for a period every day.

We look out of the window frequently – so a little maintenance and cleaning will be rewarded several times a day!