Easy Tips to Help You Prevent Injury During Exercise


When it comes to exercise, unless you are completely into it, it only takes the slightest amount of pain the next day or discomfort during your routine to completely turn you off the idea of ever exercising again.

Well, until the next workout trend or fashion comes around, then it all starts again!

If you can identify with the above introduction, then this is the article for you! Below are tips to help you prevent the nasty injuries and instances of discomfort which lead you to quit.

Be Sure That You Stretch Before Your Exercise Session

It doesn’t matter if you are simply walking around the block a few times or you are getting ready for a heavy weight lifting session, you should be stretching beforehand each time.

Why? Because as you sit at your desk all day long, your muscles not only become tense but they also lose any interest in being tortured during your workout. Stretching provides somewhat of a middle ground in the way that it releases any tension in your muscles and prepares them for what’s ahead without putting them through too much strain.

Take It Slow

There is a common scenario between people who currently perform no exercise and then suddenly have the amazing thought to change their ways.

During their lunch break at work, they go to the sports store and pick out a new outfit. Then, when they get home, instead of sitting on the couch all night they run around the local park or just around the block until they can’t possibly move anymore. When they return home they have a remarkable feeling of accomplishment, often proclaiming that they have discovered a new way to live and will reach their fitness goals in no time.

Until the day after.

This is the time when these people refute the idea that they ever enjoyed an activity as horrible as exercise and vow that they will never undertake such a sport again!

The reason? Their bodies simply weren’t ready.

Instead of getting into a new routine straight away, take it easy and give yourself some time to gauge your current level of fitness. This could mean that the first few days of your new fit lifestyle involves nothing more than walking around the block until you are slightly out of breath. This way, you will have a good idea of what you are capable of and can use this to prepare a smooth transition into exercise.

Stretch After Each Exercise Session

Similar to the first tip, it doesn’t matter the type of exercise you perform, always stretch afterward. During your exercises, your muscles can become tense and locked into position. Stretching gently releases your muscles and promotes the flow of blood and oxygen. This flow helps to improve your recovery time and reduce time amount of pain you feel the next day.

Something as simple as a resistance band from the Groupon Coupons page for Amazon can be enough to help your muscles repair and reduce the lactic acid build up you will notice the next day.

When it comes to swapping your couch-based lifestyle for one with exercise, it’s important to listen to your body. If you feel the need to stop and drink water, then be sure to do it. If you feel the need to stop entirely, be sure to do that too! The road to your fitness goal should be a safe one, not a quick one.