Five Applications for Coloured Silicone Sealants


Silicone sealants are used in a wide number of different applications, and now that coloured silicone is widely available, these sealants are finding new uses all the time.

1. Stopping Kitchen Leaks

Whether the tiles come down to the work surface or there’s a strip at the back that matches the units, silicone sealant is used along work surfaces to stop water getting behind the units and tiles. Silicone sealants do a brilliant job of stopping water going where it shouldn’t, and a coloured sealant will tone in with the work surface or the tiles, as required, making the whole job look more professional.

2. Matching Bathroom Tiling

It’s fashionable to use coloured grouting on tiles, and white sealant spoils the effect of this. Now you can match the tile colour or the grouting for a more cohesive look. Design site Houzz advises matching the colour of the silicone in this way and also points out that some manufacturers now do grouting and silicone in the same colour. Houzz advises using a high modulus acetoxy-based silicone. In other words, one that is anti-fungal and anti-mould.

3. Edging Vinyl Kitchen Floors

here kitchen cabinets come right down to the floor, vinyl floors are often edged with silicone sealant, both to prevent water seeping under the units and to provide a finished look. A coloured sealant gives a far better finish and doesn’t draw the eye in the way that a white sealant does.

4. Refurbishments

Silicone sealants in a wide range of colours weren’t previously available. So when a property is being refurbished, the owner or developer may decide to replace the old white sealant with colours to match the decorative finish in each room. First, though, the old sealant will have to be discarded. This is a much quicker and cleaner job if a specialist silicone sealant remover such as Multisolve from is used. This can be sprayed on and the sealant is immediately ready to take off. The surface underneath will be de-greased and ready for a new treatment.

5. Filling Cracks

Because silicone sealants have elasticity, they can be used to fill cracks in other materials. Coloured sealants are obviously ideal, because the finished repair will be far less obtrusive if the sealant is the same colour as the background.