Things you must know about legality of steroids


If you have ever used sports supplements, you will definitely know the limitations it comes along with. Over the counter steroids tend to give you good results, but they are not miraculous to work immediately. Again, it is not easy to get steroids over the counter because most countries have banned its usage. Fitness buffs nowadays turn to Walmart, GNC, and the Vitamin Shoppe to find any OTC steroids on sale. Supplements are the closest things to steroids and their usage has become more prevalent.

Know about Over the Counter Steroids

After you have gone through a survey of some of the over the counters for steroids you need to ask them if they are legal to buy or not. Most pharmaceutical staff will tell you that there’s nothing of that sort. The list of countries where they’re legal are pretty less and quite far-fetched. Some names you should know are India, Mexico, some parts of Asia, among a few more.

Why can you not get OTC steroids in GNC?

GNC will not sell you steroids as they are not legal without a doctor’s note. GNC is not a pharmacy anyway. Even the pharmacy stores like GNC will never be able to sell steroids if it is legally banned in the country. USA had banned the drugs in 2001. The products you can get over the counter are alternatives of steroids.

Steroid alternatives are not steroids but they are supplements that mimic this drug. If pharmacies started selling steroids, they will be pulled off their shelves and get into lawsuits. The supplements are a good option as they too help you have mass gain or weight loss. Companies are now selling steroids that replicate real steroids and people are using them for their fitness regimen.

GNC’s product for professional performance

GNC sells AMP Amplified Mass XXX that is form of protein powder. Every 50 gm of the content gives you adequate amount of protein. The drug is jam-packed with different standards of muscle gain supplements like creatine, L-arginine, L-Methionine, L-Glycine and Beta Anhydrous.

If you look through the reviews of OTC steroids, they will say that they have got great results from AMP and are happy. They claim that the drug helps their times of recovery, helps quicker gains and energy levels.

Some people have complained that they had acne, stomach problems, diarrhea, difficulty to swallow, and more. The drug is also quite expensive so you need to be prepared for that too.

Optimum Nutrition – Pro Complex Gainer

The Pro Complex Gainer is another alternative steroid that is marked for health gain weight and mass. It is not similar to AMP and comes with different ingredients. The drugs come with essential nutrients, amino acids and carbohydrates. It gives the users a huge amount of energy before and after the workouts. Most reviews of the product are positive. The product is a mass gain and will charge you around $140 for a 10 pound bag.

Steroids now have an alternative and you will always be safer with them. You could still want to lookout for the list of countries where they’re legal but acquiring them will be quite difficult.