Tips for choosing the right presentation recording software for your business


Do you intend to share your business presentations with a lot of people long after the presentation day? If so, having a powerful presentation system is only half the work. You need powerful recording software as well. With many options available however, it is difficult to make the right decision. Here are some tips to guide you.

Use a recording system that works with your presentation system

Most of the best presentation systems will support the majority of recording software. Therefore if the software requires you to purchase new AV hardware, you shouldn’t be using it. Good presentation recording software should be able to work seamlessly even if you are presenting with just a laptop or a combination of sources (video microscopes, document cameras, smart whiteboards etc.). You should therefore, have compatibility with your existing setup in mind when choosing the software.

Use a recording system that will allow you choose accessibility

When choosing presentation recording software, the focus should be on your audience.  Are you doing a recording that can be viewed by the general public or one that will only be viewed by select individuals? The software should be able to allow you set restrictions when it is needed or to leave the video open to the public. For instance, when the video features discussions about important company information, you have to make sure it can only be seen by the right individuals within your organisation.  On the other hand, there is no need for encryption if the video is a general presentation discussing the services within your company.

Use video recording software that allows keyword-based search

As your business presentation video recordings grow in number, you will find that naming the file appropriately will no longer be enough to avoid long agonising search for specific videos.   Unfortunately 19% of the work week is spent on such searches. The best recording software will cut down on this as it will make keyword-based searches easy. You will be able to find specific videos by simply searching for the topics you feel were discussed in the video.

The software should be able to record videos that can be watched on any platform

The world today, is more mobile-driven than ever. This means that more people will view your recording on smartphones and tablets than on larger screens.  Even in core business circles, 10% of people view important business videos on mobile. The figure is expected to hit 25% in the near future. This underlines the importance of making sure your recordings will work perfectly on mobile devices as well as on desktop browsers.

With these tips, it will be easier for you to find the right presentation recording software to go with your powerful presentation system.