Trenbolone Results – Dosage – Cycle – and Review


Trenbolone which is also known as Trenbolone Acetate is one of the popular anabolic steroids which are in the market. This is used by bodybuilders before their competition for enhancing their physical condition. The before and after results are incredible and it is really a strong component. Trenbolone or Dianabol is made from Nandrolone which is a natural hormone. This steroid trenbolone is most powerful steroid. It is used for improving endurance and repairing the muscles. This steroid can be used in both cutting as well as bulking cycles. This steroid helps in building the muscle. For low water retention and helps in muscle retention. It increases the production of the red blood cells and helps in gaining strength and reduced body fat.

Results and side effects of using trenbolone

The results of using trenbolone acetate are incredible. This is highly powerful anabolic steroid. This drug has many benefits and this is the reason it makes it versatile as well as powerful drug which is used by athletes in cutting as well as bulking. This has androgen properties which will affect the muscle hardness and strength. When dianabol is combined with trenbolone it helps in producing big gains.  When a person takes trenbolone for a cycle of thirty days, it adds them nearly 15 pounds of pure muscle mass and that too with low fat. This supplement trenbolone is stronger than testosterone. It also helps in preserving the lean and helps in recovery of muscle. The water retention is not present as it will be converted into estrogen. As trenbolone suppresses and lowers the estrogen levels, women do not use it. Trenbolone is nearly five times powerful when it is compared with testosterone. This supplement helps in fat loss and building lean muscle.

Dosage of the trenbolone depends on person

Many athletes look for talking trenbolone in their fitness routine and they go on with different dosages, cycles and stacks. The cycle generally depends on the goals of the person. The dose can be changed depending on the physical affects. There is no safe steroid which is available for cutting as well as stacking for any athlete. The cycles can be organized easily.  The basic dosage cycle is from 50mg to 200 and one can take three injections three times a week. The dosage starting with 75-100mg is really effective.

Trenbolone Cycle generally lasts for eight weeks

Without considering the dosage, the duration of the use of this drug should be eight weeks. It can also be stretched till twelve weeks, but eight is preferred as it is tolerable. Trenbolone will be effective when taken with testosterone, dianabol as well as anadrol. Many prefer taking trenbolone each week at dose of 150-300mg. This drug will be easily stacked with any other compound like winstrol, testosterone or anacar. It has half life and that is for two days. Trenbolone cycle will include stacking as well as cutting. This drug is not safe to use as it suppresses the production of testosterone.